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The Judges on the Supreme Court showed today that they do not even try to attempt to hide who they serve; they represent the interests of their Corporate masters, and not those of the American public.
If this stands it is only a matter of time before the entire Congress and Senate is bought and paid for by Wall Street. This amounts to the legalize bribery of politicians.


You Are Monsanto's Guinea Pig - (GMO Foods)

Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals

The World According to Monsanto

Genetically modified crops are not tested for safety as are other man made food additives. Monsanto, through its connections in the government, has gotten their way to make GMO foods approved, on the false assertion that they are "substantially equivalent" to their conventional counterparts. When GMO foods were fed to rats, the rats got organ damage. Also, genes from GMO crops have jumped to other species and have altered the DNA of soil bacteria and the intestinal bacteria odf people who consumed the GMO food. There are no long term studies showing the safety of GMO foods, and since Monsanto got their way, products In the US containing GMO ingredients do not have to be labeled, like they are in Europe, so allergic reactions that occur or illneses that develop from long term consumption cannot be linked to eating GMO foods.

Monsanto wants us to believe that they want to help end world hunger through genetic engineering but the real agenda is the privatization of the world's food supply. Since the patenting of life forms was approved there has been a rush to patent plants and genes. Monsanto is the biggest GMO producer in the world and they have been buying up small seed companies to remove the competition of conventional seeds.

For thousands of years humans have been saving seeds to plant for the next harvest, but with the patenting of life forms, GMO companies now claim intellectual property rights over seeds. Farmers who save seeds that may contain GMO genes are now "stealing" from the GMO companies. There have been farmers who have been sued because GMO crops have contaminated their fields, the genes from GMO crops can be spread through cross pollenization to conventional crops; the genetic pollution is self-propagating and can never be cleaned up or recalled once it is released into nature. If Monsanto owns the rights to GMO seeds then ultimately they may own all the seeds in the world, it will be in their self-interest to contaminate all the fields of conventional seeds, with their genes. If a farmer who saves seeds can be sued for "stealing" Monsanto's patented property, then shouldn't farmers whose conventional crops get contaminated by GMOs be able to sue Monsanto also?

The biodiversity of the food crops we have today have been developed by farmers over thousands of years and are the heritage of all people and have always been the collective ownership of all of humanity. Monsanto can profit from pirating and vandalizing our genetic heritage, because of the collution and corruption of people in government. We need to have the right as consumers to know what we are eating and and to have our food labeled, so we can choose. what we want to eat and what we want to avoid, and not have Monsanto force their products down our throats.

Owning food seeds is like owning water; it is a fundamental element of life. Those who control oil can control countries and their economies. Those who control food, control people.

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Vaccine Nation - Director's Cut

The United States has the most highly vaccinated population in the world. The rate of autism has skyrocketed in recent years, to 1 out of 150 children. More vaccines have been added to the mandatory vaccination list than ever before. Is it possible that we may be over-vaccinating children? Can there be too many vaccines added to the mandatory list? Apparently the Federal Government thinks not. They are regularly making new vaccines mandatory.

We all believe there should be science based medicine. That is why many are concerned about vaccines. The whole premise for vaccines is based on when a British doctor gave cowpox to a boy and the boy failed to contract smallpox. This would never be accepted by scientific peer review today. This does not show a cause and effect relation. That is like - if I said when I was little I took calcium pills and I have never had chickenpox, therefore, I conclude that calcium prevents chickenpox.- Just because someone receives a vaccine and does not contract the illness it does not automatically mean that the vaccine prevented the illness. People who were vaccinated sometimes get the illness they were vaccinated for, and even during an outbreak the majority of people do not get the illness even if they were not vaccinated.

Vaccines are not subject to the same double-blind placebo controlled-studies as are other drugs. Vaccines are used because of the belief in their efficacy, but it has never been proven. They have never done epidemiological studies in which they compare populations who were vaccinated to those who were not vaccinated, to compare the statistics between the two groups to see who contracted the most illnesses,or the incidence of autism and autoimmune diseases. If they did the study they never published their results.

You must wonder why they have not done this most basic of studies that would prove the long term efficacy and safety of vaccinations; if vaccines are so beneficial what do they have to lose?

The most important factor in natural immunity is access to a healthy diet, clean water and good hygiene. If you are strong and healthy you are less susceptible to infectious diseases. The rate of infectious diseases in the West was well on the decline before the appropiate vaccines were created. See the statistics:

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